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Which wallets work?
Written by Artem Wright
Updated over a week ago

At the moment of writing this the Cardano ecosystem is still very new. As a result, a lot of tooling is still not in place, making things seemingly confusing for some people. Why do some wallets not support staking? Why do some load faster than others? Why does SundaeSwap only allow a limited selection of wallets and not Yoroi?

Which wallets work to interact with SundaeSwap?

The list of wallets we currently support on mainnet is very short but we will be working on more in the future. These are:

It is important to note that your seed phrase (the 15 or 24 word combination you wrote down when you created your wallet) is not specific to any particular wallet. As long as you have your seed phrase, you can put that into any wallet that interacts with Cardano and have custody of your funds. This is why you should NEVER share your seed phrase with anybody.

When you import your phrase into a wallet, sometimes your funds will appear as 0. This primarily happens with Nami. This doesn't mean you have lost your ADA! All you need to do is send your ADA to the new receive address.

Why does wallet XYZ not work?

To interact with SundaeSwap, a wallet needs to be CIP-30 compliant, meaning a wallet needs to be able to communicate directly with a webpage. The most likely scenario for why a wallet does not work is because the developers have not upgraded the wallet in question just yet.

If you'd like to know when your wallet will be compatible, contact the wallet developers using their "Contact Us" info or through their social media channels.

Which wallets work for the ISO?

Any Cardano wallet that lets you choose a stake pool. Some wallet examples: Nami, Ccvault, Yoroi, Daedalus, Adalite.

I use a wallet that doesn’t have dapp connection yet or I use a wallet together with my hardware wallet. What can I do?

If you want to participate in the ISO you can delegate/stake from the wallet you use and claim your rewards through the SUNDAE faucet, which will go live shortly. Your SUNDAE rewards will be claimable for up to 1 year afterwards, so there is no rush.

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