I heard that Cardano is going to grind to a halt when dApps begin to roll out
Written by Artem Wright
Updated over a week ago

The Cardano blockchain was designed for global reach and penetration, achieving consensus on transactions across the world in seconds, and engaging people from all economic backgrounds. With the weight of that responsibility, Cardano has always operated by “measuring twice, and cutting once.” This mantra has resulted in the initial parameters of the blockchain being set conservatively. With examples of real world traffic, IOG will thoughtfully increase these parameters over time, with the latest being the 12.5% parameter bump we saw in December 2021.

The SundaeSwap DEX experienced delays during its initial testnet deployment — some of these were related to the Scooper’s functionality (which has been updated to improve performance), and some were due to these network constraints. The SudnaeSwap development team is confident that the DEX will deliver on its commitments, and that the Cardano blockchain will grow to meet the ever-increasing needs of its users.

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