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I heard that Cardano is a “ghost chain”
I heard that Cardano is a “ghost chain”
Written by Artem Wright
Updated over a week ago

This couldn’t be further from the truth today. There are hundreds, if not thousands of active projects on the Cardano blockchain. The arrival of smart contracts on the chain in late 2021 saw a dramatic upswing in development activity, and the launch of several large protocols through 2022 and 2023 has brought DeFi in full-force to the Cardano blockchain.

Yes, Cardano has always taken a “slow and steady wins the race” approach to promoting growth on the network, which can be frustrating to end users. But as developers, the SundaeSwap Labs team sees the benefits to Cardano’s still unique approach to balancing the tradeoffs between security, scalability and decentralization. As projects continue to deploy on the Cardano blockchain’s mainnet, attitudes about Cardano will no doubt change for the better.

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