Who’s behind SundaeSwap?
Written by Artem Wright
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SundaeSwap Labs, Inc. develops decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms that enable economic empowerment for all.

At the heart of its development efforts is the SundaeSwap DEX, a decentralized exchange where Cardano-based peer-to-peer transactions can be conducted quickly, safely and inexpensively.

SundaeSwap Labs also provides other business-to-business products and services to the Cardano ecosystem, such as our Governance platform, and token rewards distribution services.

Our leadership team includes the following people:

  • Artem Wright - CEO

    • Artem is one cofounder and the current CEO of SundaeSwap Labs; He brings a sharp, intuitive insight for the market that all legendary young CEOs seem to have. What started as a "cool side project" in his sophomore year turned into a raging bull that he's ridden to success with his best in class team.

  • Pi (π) Lanningham - CTO

    • Pi is a Mathematician by Passion, and a Software Engineer by trade. He's spent over a decade building scalable software, and his superpower is being able to communicate complex ideas in a clear and approachable way.

  • Dan Gonzalez - Head of Product

    • Dan brings over 15 years of Product Management expertise. Well-versed in Agile software development, Lean Startup and Design Thinking best practices, he brings valuable strategic thinking and tactical execution capabilities to the Sundae team.

  • Chris Borders - Legal Counsel

    • Chris Borders is a San Francisco-based lawyer specializing in web3 and technology industry. He was the interim general counsel to Chainlink which he helped form, and former general counsel to VC-backed tech startups. Chris was also previously a partner in national law firms focusing on commercial litigation and IP matters.

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