My orders have been pending for a long time. What should I do?

Learn why your orders have been pending for a long time, and what you can do about it.

Written by Artem Wright
Updated over a week ago

Occasionally, your orders (such as swapping, providing, and withdrawing liquidity) may take a while to process and successfully execute.

Although there can be many reasons behind this, we will cover the most common reasons for this situation.

Reason I: First, there is a possibility that the token you are swapping to is very volatile. This may cause an order to be pending for a long time if your slippage tolerance is set low; your order will not execute as the price of the token you are swapping to has changed significantly and is now outside of the slippage limit you set. . As a result, your order has now converted to a limit order, and is waiting for the price to come back down within your slippage tolerance. Once the price is within your slippage tolerance, the order will execute.

Solution I: Cancel your order by accessing the "Orders" section on the navigation panel. Once canceled, increase your slippage tolerance by clicking on the cog icon, found in the top right corner of the "Swap" panel in the Swap section. Resubmit your order with a higher slippage tolerance.

Reason II: There is a large queue of orders, and the Scooper (the third-party application that submits your swaps to the blockchain) has not gotten to your order yet.

Solution II: There is currently no solution for this besides waiting. Currently on the testnet, Scoopers process somewhere between 1,000 and 1,800 swaps per hour. Once blockchain parameters are increased on the Cardano blockchain, and further updates are made, we will see increases in throughput by the Scoopers.

Reason III: There may be bugs in the Scooper.

Solution III: Because of how new the SundaeSwap protocol is, there may be some corner cases where your order is not scooped by the Scooper. Although these cases are very rare, this is still a possibility.

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