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How to buy/sell/swap tokens
How to buy/sell/swap tokens

Learn how to swap tokens using the SundaeSwap interface

Written by Artem Wright
Updated over a week ago

Once you’ve gotten your wallet connected to the SundaeSwap interface, you’re ready to use the protocol! In general, you are "swapping" one token for another, but we also provide guided experiences for "buying" and "selling" tokens using ADA.

Note: ALL Cardano transactions need to be paid using Cardano (ADA). You will need enough Cardano (ADA) in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees and deposits set in place by the blockchain.

  1. Select whether you want to buy, sell, or swap tokens from the "Exchange" navigation item.

  2. Select the token you'd like to buy.

  3. Enter the amount you'd like to buy. If you want to buy at a specific price, you can switch the order to a "Limit Order"

  4. Click the blue "Buy" button, and confirm the transaction details.

  5. Press Back to modify the order, or click "Submit". This should prompt you to sign the transaction in your wallet, the experience of which will vary depending on which wallet you're using.

  6. Wait for the transaction to execute! You can view the status from the "Orders" tab.

    1. A status of "Submitted" means we've submitted the transaction to the blockchain, but it hasn't yet been minted in a block.

    2. A status of "Pending" means it is waiting to be processed by the scoopers.

    3. A status of "Executed" means the order has been processed, and the results should be in your wallet.

You can follow a similar process to sell a token, or to swap two tokens, provided a liquidity pool exists for that pair.

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