How to get a wallet

Learn how to create your Cardano wallet.

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To start trading using the SundaeSwap protocol, you must create a Cardano wallet and obtain tokens.

Get a Cardano Wallet

Your Cardano wallet will be the singular tool you will be using to interact with the SundaeSwap interface and other existing decentralized applications created within the Cardano ecosystem. Your wallet is what holds your private keys. Private keys refer to a secret password only you have access to, used to authorize transactions from your wallet. Popular wallets on the Cardano blockchain include:,,,

Get tokens in your wallet

The SundaeSwap protocol supports swapping from one token[1] to any other token existing on the Cardano blockchain. Although this functionality exists within the SundaeSwap protocol, there is no option where users are able to use fiat money to purchase tokens. Consequently, you will need to access other crypto services to use a bank account or credit card to purchase your first tokens. It is also important to note that you will need to have Cardano (ADA) in your wallet, in order to pay for transaction fees for your swap to go through.

  1. It is important to also note that non-Cardano Assets such as ETH, BTC, BCH, are not compatible with SundaeSwap since those assets are built on separate blockchains. But, soon there will be services that allow the “wrapping” of those assets, making them tradeable on the Cardano blockchain.

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